Welcome to our website!

Jank Tone specializes in building new pickups for four-string precision bass (P-Bass) guitars and four-string jazz bass (J-Bass) guitars with passive electronics (no battery). Our pickups are hand-made from quality parts...You will LOVE them!

We can also rewind yours (or most ANY pickup of ANY make) to your specs, or custom-build what you want. Take your inexpensive bass guitar and make it sound like it cost way more than you paid for it. Take your very expensive bass guitar and make it sound better than ever.

You can buy matched sets, or you can mix and choose to suit your style. We have matched sets for the J-Bass, or for basses with both a J-Bass pickup and a P-Bass pickup. All of our pickups are potted.

We also carry a supply of new potentiometers and capacitors to improve the control of your sound. For J-Basses, we have a real cool new control system. As you know, a stock J-Bass has two volume controls and one tone control. Our kit allows you to convert it so it will have one master volume pot, one blend/balance pot, and one tone pot (no batteries). The stock layout of the switches looks the same. The master volume pot goes in place of the neck volume control. The blend/balance pot goes in place of the bridge volume control. The tone pot stays in the original position. Players love this much-simpler control system. One volume for both pickups, and the blend/balance pot allows you to select how your pickups work. The blend/balance has a detent in the middle of the rotation. When selected, both pickups are at full strength. Slowly turn to the right, and the bridge pickup gradually diminishes. Slowly turn to the left, and the neck pickup gradually diminishes. Simple and effective. Comes with three new pots, one capacitor, and installation instructions.

We also have kits to convert your active bass to a passive system. You can get rid of that annoying battery - going - dead - at - the - wrong - time syndrome. This is just a basic overview of what’s in this site, so if you can’t find what you need, contact us and we will see what we can do. We will be adding more products as we develop and grow. Our idea is to first build your tone in your guitar before it goes to your amp. Works way better. GET JANKY, HAVE FUN AND THANKS!